Apache 2 Module API

My latest exploits have involved writing an apache module so let’s look at a basic getting started guide for developing apache modules.


This assumes running on a RHEL platform with httpd-dev installed.

Basic Structure

Apache modules can both process requests and output information, the following basic example outputs an extra header in response to any requests and outputs the text Hello World onto the page. Continue reading

PHP Atomic File Locks

Still staying away from my WordPress look and taking on a PHP topic.

Welcome to the world of caching, you need to write something to a file, you need something else to access it, but things go wrong if lots of processes all try writing to the same file. Continue reading

Schema.org – SEO

Time to move away from all the WordPress talk and move on to look at an upcoming SEO topic.

What is Schema.org

It is a format for microdata devised as a collaborative effort by multiple companies, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Microsoft.  A representative from Microsoft mentioned that when such competing companies get together to create something, then you know it’s going to be big!  This is all too true as it is not just a microdata format devised by a group of industry professionals creating a standard, it is devised by the companies who will be implementing it and using it to enhance search results which is the optimal end-game. Continue reading

Custom Authentication

Integration of WordPress into other pre-existing systems and the ability to amalgamate it with other applications to provide better functionality is a good way to utilise the strengths of WordPress without having to migrate your whole site across to it. A key stepping stone to this merger is the authentication system.

The capabilities this control can add allows for you to either add more possible authentication mechanisms on top of the standard WordPress user management, or you can strip away the authentication against the WordPress database and just use an external system to handle your users.
Continue reading

Why WordPress

I started writing this thinking I’d be able to find just as many people against WordPress usage as I could for it, that’s turned out to be quite a different story.  I know of plenty of people that have opinions about it being the work of the devil but there is a distinct lack of WordPress haters across the internet! What is there that we can hate WordPress for then… Continue reading