Why WordPress

I started writing this thinking I’d be able to find just as many people against WordPress usage as I could for it, that’s turned out to be quite a different story.  I know of plenty of people that have opinions about it being the work of the devil but there is a distinct lack of WordPress haters across the internet! What is there that we can hate WordPress for then…

Too easy?

The main argument against it seems to keep coming up as being, it’s just too easy to develop for.  Now although most people would see this as a good thing, the argument of the opposition can make this out to be a bad thing.  Unfortunately, this ease of use and development allows any man and his dog to develop for the platform which leads to an assortment of of bad coding spreading across the internet.

This seems to be a similar argument to the Apple vs Android apps, is it better to have a limited set of apps available, but ones which theoretically work better, or is it preferable to cater for individuals innovative side whereby anyone with a dream can develop for the platform. Now, the first few creations may not be perfect, but the developer can learn from them and others can choose not to use them.

Not for purpose?

So, what else can we hate WordPress for, how about using it not for purpose.  This mainly comes with the targeting that WordPress is still only a blogging platform, that’s just no longer the case, the CMS side of it may not be as complex as other competing CMS’ but that’s part of is appeal, it’s just simple!  Ultimately, if WordPress can provide something useful to the final purpose, then why not use it.  I’m a big culprit for using WordPress not for purpose having often used custom post types just to create a user friendly record management system, but as long as it continues to be an effective system there’s no reason not to make use of it in these more obscure ways.

Just use what you know!

Ultimately, if you know WordPress and you can code, you can make it do anything you want, there’s no point using it for the sake of but if it gives you something extra, be it a basic user system, an easy to use control panel, or just some underlying functionality, then just use it.  If you know something else and you can gain something from using it, then use that instead.  The evolution of these systems determines that if they all intend to provide usable CMS functionality, then they are all going to tend in the same direction if they want to maintain a competitive position in the market, this means that it doesn’t matter what you use, and if you know what you’re doing then you can use anything anyway…

The verdict

If you know WordPress, use it, if you know something else, use that, if you know nothing, see what can make your life the easiest, don’t make extra work for yourself, determine which model best fits your functionality, determine which has addons that you want to save you writing them for yourself, then use that, simple!