Michael Pollett

Michael Pollett
Software Engineer at skyscanner.net since 2016

London, United Kingdom

Developer working across all stages of the SDLC.

Active work includes PHP development, Go microservices, MySQL/MSSQL database design and management, real time data processing and automating content utilising Perl daemons, linux operations and scripting.

Projects have included securely storing financial details for an international news agency, architecting a solution to provide theatre tickets to millions of users a month, and processing real time sports feeds to provide live data.

Background work includes C(/C++) development, redis/apache modules/fuse.

Latest Projects Include

  • Content Optimization Service

    • 2015 – Vouchercodes.co.uk

    Real time processing and normalization of tracking data and metrics from the website.
    Statistical analysis to optimize page content for significant revenue increase

  • High Speed Microservices

    • 2015 – Vouchercodes.co.uk

    Built a system to serve and track unique codes delivered to users.
    Rapidly planned and built before a traffic peak mitigating knock on issues caused by high load to the main site.

  • Large community platform/consolidation

    • 2013 – Coreware

    Consolidate many existing editorial sites into a single maintainable platform.
    Migration of all content and ease addition of new content with well known publishing system.

  • Olympic Medal Alerts System

    • 2012 – Coreware

    Delivering real-time medal alerts across mobile and web platforms.

  • Financial holdings system

    • 2011 to 2012 – Coreware

    Develop a system for an international news agency allowing it’s employees to declare stock holdings helping to automatically detect suspected insider trading.

  • Theatre tickets website

    • 2011 to 2012 – Coreware

    A website to sell theatre tickets for a large UK ticketing company dealing with tens of millions of users per month.