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Building a reliable events system

Building a reliable events system

Building reliable events systems As you start to think about whether you need an event or real-time streaming platform, everyone starts in a similar place: Kafka, Samza, OpenTSDB, ELK just for illustration here — a common example but have many alternative and comparable options. This is both a great and the most natural place to start so you’ve not gone wrong yet, but you will quickly discover that this isn’t necessarily the perfect solution...

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AWS S3 at Speed

AWS S3 at Speed

Why a “503: Slow Down” response from Amazon S3 can actually be good for you! The official AWS S3 docs on Request Rate and Performance Considerations for S3 clearly state, Amazon S3 scales to support very high request rates...

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Varnish, WordPress, Security.VCL

Now although many sites rarely sees 2billion hits a month or 1000 hits per second, why should they not be capable of this, although the direct correlation is loose, with concurrency can come speed. Speed in this sense is possibly even serving a page to a single user at a time but why not do it in a decent timeframe...

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Apache 2 Module API

My latest exploits have involved writing an apache module so let’s look at a basic getting started guide for developing apache modules. Requirements This assumes running on a RHEL platform with httpd-dev installed...

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